Just Move to Improve!

The problem?

80% of us work in sedentary jobs in a longer full time work week which averages 47 hours. In 1960 only 20% of jobs were sedentary in nature. The problem with this trend is that our muscles and joints love movement through their full range of motion so being motionless for all those hours each day leads to the sensation of “tightness.”

We all get tight after prolonged immobility and, repeated day after day (the desk job at work then sitting watching TV each evening) our “envelope of function” becomes limited. Over time, our joints develop smaller ranges in which they can move and hence we become susceptible to overuse injuries or pain as a consequence of prolonged end range tension (stress) on our muscles, ligaments and joints. Anyone had low back pain at the end of a work day that’s gone the next morning?

The solution?

Once daily, move your joints through their full range of motion. Actively stretch your muscles and ligaments by following the specifically designed 10 to 15 minute “movement program.” It is that simple. As I mention to my patients, “motion is lotion.” Could you do it two or three times a day? Sure thing – it may improve your productivity and cut your work week down to 40 hours instead of the 47 because you feel better during your day!

Flexion in Standing

Bending forward top to bottom, vertebrae by vertebrae is one great movement to do each day.

We must maintain our youthful joint, muscle and ligament pliability and movement as we age to limit the guaranteed onset of general stiffness which is part of getting older. This means the younger we are when we start such an exercise routine, the more likely we are to limit this aspect of aging. In doing so, we will have a better quality of life because of our healthier joints, muscles and ligaments.

The videos of the exercises are on the Custom Physical Therapy YouTube Channel. Follow this link to get started:  Rage of Motion Program    They should be done in order and only 10 repetitions of each one.